We want to share some good quotes about change. We believe that change is the most natural thing in the world. Sometimes, we’re all afraid of changes, even the good ones. Fear of the unknown is also natural, but human beings can deal with this fear. That is what makes us human beings. To change means to grow up. To change means to make progress. To change means to make your life better. Change will make you stronger. Change will make you wiser. Change will help you know yourself.

“You will stop being scared of life, once you understand it. To understand life, you must stop being scared of it.”

“Fear is the opposite of faith.”

“Fear is your greatest enemy. It will make you lose friends. It will make you your own enemy.”

“There are always choices. Sometimes, you think there is no other way, but there is. There are always at least two ways. But we are too concerned and scared of what is happening to us, so we can’t see anything.”

“If you think that things are different, it doesn’t mean they have changed. Perhaps you have.”

“Good managers always have plan A, plan B and plan C. Each of these plans is made in such way that it can be modified.”

“Thinking that you can’t change is wrong. Thinking that there is no need to change is tragic.”

“Being aware of change is the first step towards making the change.”

“A plan that cannot be modified is not a good plan.”

“For some people, change is nothing but an opportunity. For others, change is a penalty.”

“Nothing is as tragic as a man who refuses to change. This kind of behavior is almost suicidal. If you are living in the past, it is like you are not living at all.”

“Being consistent doesn’t exclude changes. Being stubborn does – but stubbornness usually goes with stupidity.”

“If you have faith in yourself, you will accept changes easily. You won’t be afraid of who you might become.”

“Not all changes lead to progress. But progress is impossible without changes.”

“Sometimes we are angry because some changes take too long to happen. When they finally happen, we get angry because they’ve happened.”

“If you want to make some sense out of any change, you need to accept it and spend some time with it.”