Here are some great humor quotes about change. The best way to look at the life itself is – the funny way. Life is funny, indeed. All you have to do is – have fun. Changes that happen in you life, always have something funny in them, but we are usually too scared to see that. Once you stop being afraid, you will start having fun.

“What is a compromise? A compromise can be defined as a situation when no one is really satisfied.”

“You don’t have to live your life. You haven’t signed any agreement with life on this. So, why wouldn’t you jus live it? After all, you have nothing to lose.”

“Your life will end eventually, so make sure to have fun, while you’re here.”

“All of us want to be somebody. That “somebody guy” would probably laugh if he knew about this.”

“When your kids start to behave like you – that is when you should make some serious efforts to prevent that.”

“What is free today? Perhaps, only your free will.”

“When people start telling you how great you are – that is when you’ll know that something is seriously wrong with you.”

“If everyone agrees on some idea, this means that the idea is definitely bad.”

“There must be intelligent life out there in the universe. The very fact that it has never contacted us means that it is very intelligent.”

“People keep telling other people that they should change. However, no one is willing to change himself first.”

“I have changed. I used to be lonely and depressed. Now I’m depressed and lonely.”

“Wouldn’t you be very happy if some things could last for the rest of you life? Well, take my word, if this would happen, you would probably try to end your life sooner.”

“The best thing that God has given to us is – change. This is also the worst thing he has ever given to us.”

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