We have found some really inspirational quotes about change. Sometimes, all of us are afraid of changes. These fears are usually irrational, but by the time we have realized that, the chance is gone. The only thing to find happiness in life is to take chances. However, most of us are often afraid of the risk. Changes are only possible if you have no fear to take the risk. Happiness is only possible if you are not afraid of changes.

“Changes and fear cannot go together. The saddest thing is that people usually choose fear.”

“Some situations cannot be changed, but we can change the way we accept these situations.”

“Changes do not necessarily break continuity. Continuity is when you are able to keep the balance in your life, accepting the changes and using them to live a better life.”

“Once you change your mind, the whole world will be different.”

“Sometimes we feel like the decision we make to day will change our life. However, this has never happened. Every new day is a new opportunity to change your life – over and over. Life is made of changes.”

“Once you accept the fact that you can’t change other people, you will start loving these people.”

“You probably have plans for your own life. But guess what? Your life has plans for you, too. This is exactly what makes you angry and unhappy – the difference between the plans you have for your life, and the plans your life has for you.”

“Time can heal all your wounds. The bad thing is that you never know how much time is needed for the healing process to complete.”

“There is no progress without changes.”

“Some changes are good, while others aren’t. But every change can help you learn new things about the world and yourself.”

“Time can change things, but there is no need to wait. Change them yourself.”

“The moments of change are always full of internal conflicts. If you know this, it will be easier for you to accept the change.”

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