Here you can read some good motivational quotes about change. Change is the only certainty we have in life. Accepting the change is the wisest thing you can do. We have found some great thoughts about change. Read these and tell us what you think!

Most of us classify changes as good and bad. However, perhaps there are no bad changes. Perhaps the way we look at changes is bad. Many people want to avoid any responsibility and they often blame changes for all their trouble and personal dysfunction. But changes are not to blame – it is you who make changes good or bad. Everyone’s life consists of changes. Every new day is another change. You have changed! Perhaps you cannot see that right away. Once you look around you, you will see that changes are everywhere. Once you face the mirror, you will see that you have changed, too. Not physically, but in all other ways. Some people don’t change, regardless of aging. Some people change easily, even though they are still young. This is individual. But there is a rule: only wise people are aware that they have to change for their own good.

“Before you decide to change, you have to know yourself very well.”

“Once you change your thinking, your behavior will also change. And that is all it takes for your whole world to change.”

“Don’t look back. You should analyze your life, but not too much. If you keep analyzing too much, you will miss your own present.”

“Progress is only possible if you are ready to take chances. If you take the risk, your possibilities will be much greater than the risk you’re taking.”

“Only dead people can avoid changes. Or can they? Even dead bodies change over time.”

“Some things can never change. Bad character can never change.”

“Only changes are permanent.”

“If there is no change, there will be no life at all. Even objects change.”

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