Here are some great quotes about change and love. We hope you’ll like these quotes! If you have something to say, feel free to share it! You can suggest your own favorite quotes! Love is probably the most beautiful feeling in the world, responsible for the greatest accomplishments and for the greatest tragedies, as well. Some people claim that true love can never result in tragedy. What do you think? If you love somebody, but he won’t love you back, is it true love? This is one of the most difficult questions about love. Perhaps none of us will ever answer this question. All we can do is try to find love – and keep it.

“In the beginning, you never know if you have the right person beside you. True love takes time to build. People change, so as love.”

“Love is all about taking chances. Perhaps you will be happy, perhaps not. If you are not ready to take chances, perhaps you are not ready for love.”

“The problem with love is that we always want it to remain beautiful and certain. We cannot accept the fact that everything changes, even love.”

“People who love you will do anything to see you smiling. If you are happy, they will be happier than you.”

“Do not be afraid of changes. If your love is real, it will change, too – it will be even greater than before.”

“You cannot force your heart to feel something. Also, you cannot prevent your heart from feeling something. Sometimes, you are tortured by your own heart.”

“We can’t always get what we want. But sometimes, what we get instead is much better than what we wanted in the first place. Keep that in mind and don’t despair!”

“If you want to know if your love is real, try letting it go. See how you both feel without each other. That is the best way to see if you have found true love.”

“The funniest thing about love is that we usually ignore people who love us, but we love those who ignore us. If you think no one loves you, take a look around you. People who love you are probably the ones you ignore the most.”

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