Here are some interesting quotes about change and past. Change is inevitable, but the best thing is that we can use it the way we like. Without changes, there would be no present or future. You would be living in your past. Changes are healthy and necessary for any progress. Changes are what make your future. We all have past, but future depends on us only. No man should be judged by his past. It’s the present is that counts. Read our quotes and tell us what you think!

“Past is the cemetery where you can bury all bad events. That is exactly how you should look at it. Living in the past is irrational. It would be like living in an unreal dimension, with dead objects, dead people and dead emotions.”

“The only purpose your past has is to teach you something. As soon as you learn all you need to learn, kiss your past good night and never wake it up again.”

“Past can be useful, but it can also be fatal to your future.”

”You can’t escape from your past. But you can make it escape from you.”

“Your past can turn into your future, but only if you let it.”

“Your past doesn’t make you who you are. Your future makes you who you are, in the very same way you make your own future.”

“You cannot believe past. It can always be interpreted in a different way.”

“The past is a completely different dimension. If we could go back, we wouldn’t be able to live there. If past were good for us, someone would have invented the time machine by now.”

“Pathetic people think about past. Brave people think about future.”

“If you can control your present, you will control your future, and past.”

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