Here are some great quotes about change in business.

“Great people never think that they are the greatest. They are great because they are aware that they can be wrong about everything – including themselves, too.”

“If you want to succeed, you have to take various risks. What’s more important, you have to give up on some things, even though you find them valuable. If you hold on to these things, they will take control over you, and you will never be able to move on to something better.”

“Changes are inevitable. Once you accept this truth, you will become successful.”

“Your business will change when you change.”

“Some people find it difficult to move on and change, because they overestimate their present and underestimate what future may bring.”

“Some changes are hard to make, but it is necessary to make them, if you want to move on.”

“Changes are always good. Every change is a challenge. It is a test for you. You can prove how skillful you are.”

“Some people are afraid of the unknown. This kind of fear is paralyzing and it can ruin great opportunities in business and in life.”

“Many people spend a lot of energy on finding excuses for some bad habits. Wouldn’t it be better to spend energy on changing these habits?

“If you don’t know how to make any change, start changing the small things first. Once you see how easy it really is, you will be able to change whatever you want.’

“Many people want others to change, but they never think about changing themselves.”

“Some of us would rather die than change. Sometimes, this is exactly what happens.”

“Changes are great, but sometimes they are not enough. What is more important is how fast you can accept the new, changed circumstances.”

“Life without change is not possible. Changes are constantly present in nature.”

“Good plan always includes several possibilities. These possibilities all include modification.”

“Success is only possible if you open your mind. You need to look forward, but you have to see the corners, too.”

“Success rarely makes people satisfied. Most of them simply want more and more, no matter how successful they are. However, you have to find the right measure. Wanting more can lead you to more success, but it can also ruin your business and your life.”

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