Here are some interesting quotes about change in relationships. If you think that your relationship will always be as it was in the beginning, you’re wrong! People change, so it is normal that relationship change, too. Changes can be very good – or they can be bad, but it all depends on you and your partner.

Good communication and understanding are crucial. If you really love someone, you will be interested in his thoughts and feelings. Nothing is possible without communication. If you want your relationship to change in a good way, you must learn how to communicate.

“If you are able to hold hands when you disagree, your relationship will last.”

“You can never know how long your relationship will last, but you can care for it and make it better every day. Every flower needs water regularly.”

“If your partner loves you, he will never laugh at you. He will laugh with you. If he loves you, he will never make you cry, but he will cry with you if you cry.”

“To love someone, you have to take him seriously, in the very beginning of the relationship.”

“If you want to keep your partner, you will have to fight the worst enemy – jealousy. If your partner feels free with you, your relationship will last. If he feels overwhelmed, he will start looking his way out.”

“Do not put him in a cage. Show that you trust him. This is the only way to have a healthy relationship. You trust your dog, right? You can release him and walk with him, without being afraid that he might run away. Well, that is how you must treat your relationship – with trust.”

“If you are unable to trust your partner, ask yourself about the cause of this attitude. Perhaps your partner simply cannot be trusted. Perhaps he is immature. In that case, you should walk away. But if it’s you, you need to solve the trust problem, for your own good – not because of this relationship, but because of your future life. Trust is the most beautiful feeling and it keeps you peaceful and happy. Without it, every relationship would look like a battle field.”

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