Here are some great quotes about changing your mind. Some people believe that changing your mind will make you inconsistent. This is not true, however. Everything is changing all the time, so it is natural that you change your mind every once in a while. You cannot have the same attitude towards things – because things change. Changing your mind is natural, because it is the only way to keep up with things.

Quotes about Changing Your Mind

● Someone said that he would never change his mind, and he wanted to sound self-confident and mature. The truth is that only immature people believe that they cannot change, or which is worse – they believe that there is no need to change.

● Being consistent has nothing to do with “not changing your mind”. Being consistent is one thing, but being stubborn is a completely different thing. Stubbornness usually goes hand-in-hand with stupidity.

● If you have moved on, but you still haven’t changed your mind about someone, it is possible that you really love that person – or … you just haven’t been thinking about him at all.

● Changing your mind will lead you to some other place – quite possibly the right one.

● Changing your mind will change your life. If you stick to your old beliefs, you will keep repeating your old mistakes. Don’t do it to yourself! Make an experiment to see what happens. Change your mind! You will see that this change has the incredible power to change everything else.

● The best thing about your mind is that it’s changeable. This is the only way to deal with the unchangeable reality: to change your mind.

● Sometimes, we change our minds too quickly to notice it!

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