Here are some great quotes about people who never change. Is it possible that some people never change? Well, not entirely. Everybody changes, but not everyone can accept the fact that he has changed. Changes take place, with or without your consent. If you are trying to neglect changes, there are chances that you will be stuck in the past, all alone.

Some people refuse to change. They resist – all the time – and they simply cannot stand the thought of being changed. What’s more tragic, none of these people is actually aware that this is what he’s doing. Each of us should know that we are not perfect and we need to change for our own good.

“If you think that you can’t change, you’re wrong. If you think that there is no need to change, you are tragic.”

“We are born with the ability to change. Never forget about this power. If you forget about it, it will be as if you are no longer living.”

“If you are trying to resist changes, it will be a double loss. You will lose a lot of energy, and you will lose the opportunity to become a better person.”

“If you have realized you have to change, it means that you have already changed.”

“All of us are sometimes stupid. We think that we haven’t changed a bit.”

“When your partner tells you that nothing has changed and everything is all right, it is usually the first sign that something is seriously wrong. If you take his word, it will be either because you are unwilling to deal with the problem, or because you’re stupid.”

“Most of us say that we’re not perfect, but we act as if we are perfect, and we want other people to treat us that way. On the other hand, if someone wants you to treat him the same way, you will probably accuse him of being a Narcissus.”

“If your partner starts telling you that you are not perfect, every time you argue about something, ask him if he thinks he is perfect. He will tell you “no, I’m not”, but he will carry on criticizing you.”

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