We have found some great quotes about personal change. In fact, personal change is the most important and the only effective change you can ever make. All other changes are derived from this major change. Once you realize that your personal change can make things different, you will see how simple your life really is.

“If you want your partner to change, ask him how he feels about you. He probably wants the same thing from you. But even if you both changed, you wouldn’t like each other anymore.”

“Some people suffer because they can’t get what they want. Others suffer because they finally got what they wanted.”

“We are very happy when we get what we want, but soon we become very unhappy because we can’t keep it forever.”

“All of us have personal responsibility. In fact, that is the only possibility we really have.”

“If you don’t like what you see, look the other way.”

“Your mirror is your only true friend. It will never lie to you, but you have to accept the truth it is telling you. The difference between your friend and your mirror is that you can always argue with your friend and then walk away … but your mirror will always tell you the truth, no matter how hard you’re trying to argue with it.”

“Don’t blame other people, even if they are guilty. Determining the guilt won’t change anything.”

“Human beings have a great ability to change the way they see the world around them. That is exactly what makes them human beings.”

“You can change your past by forgetting about it.”

“Your future depends on various unpredictable events. However, there is one thing you can predict: your own reaction to these events.”

“Personal change is the mother of all other changes. Personal change is enough to change all other things in your life.”

“Some people waste energy on changing things. When they see that things are difficult to change, they suffer. They don’t know that a happy life requires a single change – in the way of thinking.”

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